From Comedy to Conservation:

A WBF-Inspired Journey

Presentation by photographer Carla Rhodes

Monday, June 21st at 7PM (ET)

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Crossing paths with birds can change you - take it from Carla Rhodes. Through inspiring encounters with birds, Carla renewed her connection to nature and became a WBF volunteer, and a wildly successful conservation photographer!


Photo of Carla by Charles Chessler

Ten years ago, Carla was a comedian and ventriloquist on the road to fulfilling her dream of a life in show business. After a series of events, including finding an injured pigeon on an East Village street, unexpectedly getting herself behind a camera, and stumbling upon the incredible Greater Adjutant stork on an adventure in India, Carla found herself following a new dream. These avian encounters changed the trajectory of her life, ultimately landing her in a new career as an award-winning nature photographer featured in the New York Times.


In a fun and enlightening talk, Carla will share her personal journey, present the charms of the fascinating Greater Adjutant stork (and the incredible army of women working to protect them), and inspire us all to follow our wildest conservation dreams. See Carla’s incredible artwork and learn more about India’s Greater Adjutant Stork at


Carla Rhodes’ love of both birds and ventriloquism began during her childhood in Kentucky. She moved to NYC to work as a performer, and after meeting Rita McMahon for a pigeon rescue, Carla started volunteering at WBF. Working with WBF reconnected her to nature - especially the winged creatures she loved as a girl. Carla began exploring photography in 2015 and quickly turned a new hobby into a profession combined with her passion for birds. Her goal as a wildlife conservation photographer is to tell engaging and impactful stories. After a moving encounter with Greater Adjutant storks in India, she realized her photography could accomplish more than pretty pictures. “I suddenly realized I wanted my work to mean something deeper, evoke emotion and inspire change. I’m incredibly passionate about raising awareness for my subjects while holding myself to high ethical standards. Most importantly, I want my work to educate viewers while inspiring positive change.”


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This live event is limited to 1,000 attendees but a recording will be available for replay.

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